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My name is Grace and I am the counsellor who runs Self Centre Counselling.

Hello, my name is Grace and I am a counsellor who provides sessions in person, online and over the phone.

My Story:

I became a counsellor after having counselling myself. I lost my father very suddenly when I was only 14 years old. This trauma changed my world as not only did I lose a parent who I dearly loved but I also had to adjust to a new family dynamic. Our family of four became a family of three and as I saw my mum and sister struggle with grief I started to feel a need to make things better for them. In trying to keep them happy I masked my own feelings and thought only of ways that I could make their lives easier as a way to compensate for what they had been through.

It was my Mum who suggested I see a counsellor as clearly I was not masking my pain as well as I hoped. I was completely in denial that I needed therapy. My late dad had taught me happiness, laughter and joy and there was never any room in our house for tears or sadness - it was almost our family mantra that crying wasn't allowed.

Remarkably, my first counselling session gave me the safe space that I needed to be honest about what was really going on beneath the surface. My counsellor was very skilled in making me feel comfortable to open up and she worked at my pace, letting me acknowledge my grief. I learned that it was ok to pay attention to my sadness, especially when something sad has happened. It was through these counselling sessions I learned to be kind to myself. I couldn't be distracted by how my mum or sister were feeling and giving this attention to my own needs was what helped me begin to heal. 

This experience was the driving force to me becoming a counsellor and setting up my own practice. I  am very passionate about helping my clients to get what they need out of their sessions. I will provide you with a warm and comfortable space where you feel safe to take off your mask and be honest about your real feelings. I will work with you to understand what you need to help you get the most out of our time together.

My Mission:

My Practice is called Self Centre Counselling because I believe that we should all be encouraged as much as possible to put our selves first. I am on a mission to help people pleasers to feel ok with focussing on themselves. It may be a cliché but my work to date has really taught me how often, like me, clients actually neglect their own emotions and deny their own needs in order to keep others happy. Of course this is not about being insensitive or disrespectful to others. Being centred on your self and your own needs is not about being unkind but it is about seeing that you also have a right to express yourself, say no or make what you want from life a priority. It is about not letting other people or their opinions get in the way of you being you and doing the things that make you happy.

I look forward to helping you to become more centred within yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my page and please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to arrange a free phone call to find out more.

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